ABBA Boots and Platform Shoes

Welcome to the footwear section. Here you will discover a wide choice of ABBA 70s go-go boots for women, and platform shoes for men. Having grown up watching ABBA on the TV (when we had only three channels!), I remember the girls wore mainly white or silver boots, (occasionally they wore gold) and if you take a look back through the archives, you will see these two colours in many old photos. The colour of the footwear usually matched the outfits, so if their costumes had gold detailing, then gold boots would have been worn. So now let's explore your options...

High Quality ABBA 70s go-go boots, silver and white available.

Best Quality ABBA Boots

I want to start by showing you the best quality boots. Yes, they're a tad expensive, but if you want a proper pair of go-go boots (not inferior costume boots) which you can wear again and again (Maybe you are an ABBA tribute act or youregularly go to 70s parties and discos), then these should be high on your list.

Available in white or silver for UK sizes 4 to 8.


White Go-Go Boots for 70s ABBA outfit

Most Popular ABBA Boots

This pair of women's go-go boots is around half the price of the first pair featured above, and the customer feedback is pretty impressive. This is a good quality pair of boots for the price, and there is a big choice of colours for sizes 3 to 8. 


Silver Platform Boots for Men

Best ABBA Platform Shoes for Men

I've picked out this high quality pair of silver shoes by KTCwhich are decently priced, and you will see that the customer feedback is excellent. However, for whatever reason, only three sizes are available, 5, 6 and 11. If your are sizes 7 to 10 then the only way to get around this would be to use screwed up newspaper inside the toes - this usually works for me, at least!


White 70s Platform Shoes

The same company on Amazon have a separate listing which offers the shoes at a lower price (as I write) and in three colours, black, silver and white. However, once again, the sizes are limited, although a size 7 is available for the white shoes.


Gold Platform Shoes

This pair by So West on Amazon is more expensive, but comes in more size and colour choices. These are available in gold, silver or white, in sizes 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. 



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